Being one of the projects of Aspira Limited, Betwasp was created upon numerous requests of BetBurger customers with a view to make live betting faster and more convenient. 

Consolidating our long-term experience and monitoring of sports arbitrage market development, we may assert that more and more people are choosing Valuebet strategy and aim to automate the betting process as much as possible.

Let’s point out a couple of cases:

  • Valuebet is a bet on overrated odds, but when it comes to Arbs, only one of two bets is overrated. The other one frequently entails actual disadvantage, which is below the real chances and converted into odds. 

  • Valuebets are easier to manage since you need to make only one bet. No need to bet the opposite outcome, pick up stakes, being afraid of not covering the opposite bet or that the odds simply crush. 

  • Valuebets, having a certain range of bets in the long run, are more illustrative, giving you a chance to evaluate bookmaker’s effectiveness in terms of a particular sport, league, or even market. This gives you space for improvement, which means income growth. 

  • Valuebets are more affordable due to the fact that you may open only one bookmaker account - the one you know well, got accustomed to and familiar with all its peculiarities, know the way to beat it and smoothly withdraw your money.