The overall majority of sportsbooks display captcha when logging in to a profile to avert bot activity. 

It’s virtually impossible to create a generic algorithm to bypass captcha. And besides, the bot would have to solve a captcha in one or several takes as if it were a real person. 

For that reason, we use, which has proven itself to be successful in accomplishing the intended objectives.

A distinctive feature of the service is that real people are solving captchas, thereby making it impossible to define the use of automated means.

In terms of the process, is pretty straightforward. The service enlists people to carry out routine captcha-solving tasks and get paid for it. At the same time, there is a client (you) who pays a commission for each captcha solution. The profit of is actually the difference between your payment and the salary the person gets when solving captchas.

Technically speaking, is also quite simple. The API of has been integrated into the BetWasp product, and each time our bot sees a captcha on a bookmaker’s site, it is passed to a real person through the API and the captcha becomes available to this person in his\her interface.