Saved calculator

You may need to save a surebet / value bet for various reasons (you want to compare several outcomes, one of the outcomes was absent during wagering of bets, etc.). To do this, click on the “shortcut” icon in the upper right corner of the calculator.

The "shortcut" icon is to become active after clicking, which means that this calculator is now saved in the "Saved" tab in the upper navigation menu.

Hide menu

The "Hide" navigation menu has several hiding options: from a specific surebet or outcome to an entire event.

Hidden surebets / events serve as a kind of a filter. If you, for example, select the “Hide event” option, then this event will no longer be available in the general results from any of the bookmakers.

You will be able to edit the list of hidden items in the settings panel on the left by clicking on the "Hidden" button.