Arbitrage Betting Software

Arbitrage betting + BetWasp is the key to success in sports betting. Get tangible income in any case, even if you didn't estimate the result of a sporting event.

How it works

An arbitrage bet is a situation of betting on mutually exclusive outcomes of the same event resulting in profit regardless of the outcome.There are a number of factors that contribute to arbs emergence.

Among them are:
  • market competition;
  • the untimely reaction of the bookmaker to the match situation;
  • errors in the formation of odds.

Professional Arbitrage Betting Software

How to search for arbitrage situations

Nowadays, it is pretty difficult to search for arbitrage situations unassisted, therefore the sports arbitrage software got popular among the gamblers. There is a definite competition in this segment, but our arbitrage betting software stands out among its alternatives.

BetWasp in numbers is 15 scanned bookmakers in over 40 sports disciplines and 200 markets. We find profitable arbitrage situations for you to wager and make at least 10-15% of net monthly income.

Benefits of Arbitrage Betting Software

Nowadays, bettors prefer the BetWasp arbitrage betting software for the following reasons:

Minimum risks

I would like to touch upon the option of one click betting in more detail. This is the most convenient for arbing because all you need to do is enter your bookmaker credentials in the BetWasp app and select the appropriate arbitrage situation from the results. Then with a single click our software will wager all necessary bets.

Therefore, you will be able to bet on both outcomes much faster, and the bookie will have almost no chance of identifying you as a professional bettor. Currently, there is no software on the Web with similar capabilities.

Both of the aforementioned aspects are extremely important for the arbers, given a quick change of odds in Live and a rather negative attitude of sportsbooks towards the arbers.

30 days of unlimited arbs

for only €5.66 / day

Perfect tool for working with surebets


Technologically, BetWasp is ahead of its time, and as of today, is considered the best software for arbitrage and value betting.

The most advanced arbitrage betting software has a bright future. After all, its development and promotion is performed by a team of professionals with invaluable experience in the only win-win betting strategy - surebets and valuebets.

If you have any questions, you can always contact our support team, and we will help you as soon as possible. Anyway, such questions will only occasionally arise thanks to all problems worked out and eliminated before launching the application.

Try BetWasp right now and find out that it is a truly indispensable assistant in sports betting!


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