1. The subject and general terms of the agreement

    1. The following Terms of Use is concluded between the creators and the administration (further ‘the Administration’) of the Internet resource www.betwasp.com (further ‘the Service’) of the one part, and a person interested in receiving information provided by the Service (further ‘the User’) of the other part.
    2. Provisions of this Agreement are public and describe conditions of providing the User with information by the Administration through the Service.
    3. The User, while using the Service, agrees with this Agreement and undertakes to comply with its terms and also confirms that he has reached the age of 18, as well as the minimum age allowed for using this Service in accordance with the laws of the country of residence. In addition, the User confirms the legal capacity and ability to enter into the agreement with the Administration. Refusal to adhere to these conditions shall entail the termination of relations with the User and perform all other necessary measures. Moreover, in case the User disagrees with any of the arrangement conditions, he is obliged to stop using the Service.
    4. The User is aware that use of the Service may be subject to certain legal restrictions.
    5. The User understands and agrees that if there are restrictions or prohibitions in the jurisdiction of the current location country, then all responsibility for any damage resulting from a violation of such prohibition or failure to comply with the relevant requirements solely lies with the User.
    6. The User also understands that when using the Service, the Administrator does not have any additional obligations to inform, prevent and/or train the User.
    7. The time of concluding this Agreement is the date of the User’s registration on the Service, during which he provides essential information including the first and last name, gender, date of birth, place of residence, email address, and other information allowing to identify the person and to use the Service.
    8. The User may register only by using his real name and true registration data and also to register once.
    9. Users who already have an account on the Service are prohibited to re-register, including pointing out other identification data (first and last name, email address, etc.). Re-registration is allowed only with permission of the Administration.
    10. The Administration reserves the right at any time without stating reasons to require the User to provide the document(s) proving his identity (e.g. scanned copy of passport, driver's license, and other documents).
    11. All actions performed using the User credentials (username and password) are completed by the User.
    12. In case of loss or disclosure of the information about password and/or login, the User is obliged to immediately change the password assigned.
  2. Information provided by the Service

    1. The service provides the User with information, which is compiled by analyzing data and odds of bookmakers and betting exchanges.
    2. The service is not a financial tool and does not provide services for managing funds from third parties. The service is not a bookmaker or a gamble and does not organize or conduct gambling.
    3. List of data provided:
      • arbitrage situations (bookmaker arbs or surebets);
      • overestimated stakes (value bets);
      • middles;
      • best odds (for sport events);
      • arbitrage situations and overstated bets in JSON\XML through API
    4. The amount of information and services provided by the Service may vary in course of time. The Administration reserves the right to add or eliminate these or those data at discretion.
    5. The information sited on the Service is granted to the User by subscription in accordance with the tariff plan selected.
    6. The User makes use of the information provided by the Service at one’s own risk. The information given on the Service cannot be considered as an instruction or indication to the User’s funds disposal and is for informational purposes only.
    7. The User is aware of the risks regarding possible various technical reasons that lead to discrepancy or distortion of the information provided by the Service and refuses any claims to the Administration related to compensation of possible losses that are indirectly or directly caused by using the information provided.
    8. The Administration is not responsible for the consequences of using information provided by the Service.
    9. The information is provided by the Service for private use only, regardless of the chosen tariff plan. The User is obliged not to spread any information received on the Service without the consent of the Administration.
    10. The User undertakes not to use any automatic means (software, robots, bots, etc.) for wide-scale readout of the information provided by the Service.
    11. There is a limit of 800 requests to the server per hour for each account with a Prematch tariff and 2000 requests per hour for each account with a Live tariff. Exceeding any of the indicated limits is a ground for the immediate blocking of the user's account without a refund.
    12. The User agrees to use the data obtained through API for personal purposes.
    13. The User agrees not to relay, submit or resell data obtained through API to third parties.
    14. It is prohibited to use data obtained through API for commercial purposes. The User agrees not to launch services similar to Betwasp or any other projects to generate funds from third parties using data provided by Betwasp.