True story of success: 6x stake growth in half a year!

Since the creation of BetWasp, thousands of bettors have already used its services. Lots of the clients of our scanner had no prior experience with surebets at all, but even they managed to achieve a decent and stable profit. The story below was told by our client, John. Thanks to a subscription to the BetWasp service, he managed to increase his bankroll by 6 times in just six months! Let John himself tell his story.

Surebets: first experience

Sports betting has long been part of my life and, at some point, it has become something more than just a hobby. Like all bettors, I wanted to turn betting into a stable income, so I was constantly looking for different strategies and options. One day I visited a popular betting forum about surebetting. Here I heard about surebets first time and found a lot of useful tips.

I've read a lot of training books and reviews, and decided to try to make money with surebets. For almost a year I've tried 3 different services, but none of them helped me to get a stable income. These scanners were cheaper than their competitors, but they didn't live up to my expectations.

One service was very slow in scanning the bookies lines, it displaying many inactive surebets. Another service had worked with only a few bookmakers, and the number of surebets left much to be desired. In the third service, all the surebets were low profitable, so it made no sense to wager them. Moreover, the support teams of the scanners were not very competent.

One day on the forum, I saw a topic about BetWasp service, and read a lot of good reviews on it. After reading more reviews on other portals, I decided to try it out. Imagine my surprise when it turned out a really good service for a reasonable price.

Using the BetWasp scanner

I chose a 30-day BetWasp prematch subscription at once because I understand that it’s impossible to form the right opinion of the service in a single week. Why did I choose prematch? I decided to trust the experienced bettors recommending to start betting in prematch mode. After gaining access to the surebets layout, I've started to work.

For the first couple of days, the results were very modest, since very few arbitrage situations were displayed in the layout. After talking with the support team, it turned out that I had configured the search filters incorrectly. The guys helped me with the settings, and then the surebet search results had increased noticeably. At the same time, I've read on the forum about strategies, so my results improved significantly.

The following simple strategy has become effective for me:

  • the average yield of a surebet must be ~3%;
  • wager the 10% of the total bankroll on each surebet;
  • wager 50% of the total bankroll per day (i.e., wager on 5 surebets).

First profit made with the help of the scanner

After properly setting up the scanner filters, choosing the right strategy, and being armed with the tips of experienced bettors, I've started using the BetWasp service. My starting bankroll was $2,000, so according to my strategy, I was betting $200 per surebet and $1,000 per day.

In reality, it went like this:

In the search results, I've seen a surebet in a football match between Udinese and Inter teams. According to the surebet, I had to bet on the "TU 2.5" in FanDuel with 2.35 odds, and on the "TO 2.5" in Bet365 with 1.84 odds. In this case, the surebet yield was 3.19%. I bet a total of $200 ($87.83 + $112.17), resulting in me making a profit of $6.39 whatever the case.

Using this strategy, my daily income fluctuated between $28-35, leading me to a net income of $909.92 in the first month (the first two "trial" days excluded). Just think of it, it is 46% of the size of the entire bankroll! That's when I realized that I've chosen the right strategy and service, and a subscription to BetWasp is worth every cent paid.

Of course, the number of search results still upsets me, because it is difficult to find lots of high-quality surebets using prematch mode (even with correctly configured filters and multiple bookmakers' accounts). So after a while, I decided to subscribe to live surebets as well. Since then, the number of arbitrage situations has grown exponentially.

After 3 months, my total bankroll has tripled and even more - it is $6,275.25 now instead of the starting $2,000. In six months, I was able to achieve a 6-time increase in the initial amount. I must say right away that in the starting 3 months I constantly reviewed the amount of the bankroll and bets. At some point, I've settled on a stake of $4,300 in order not to take risks and steadily "get into" the limits of the bookies.

Below I've compiled a table of changes in my finances by months:

  One surebet Total bets / days Bankroll at the end of month
  Month №1 200$ 1 000$ 2 909.92$
  Month №2 290$ 1 450$ 4 312.43$
  Month №3 430$ 2 150$ 6 275.25$
  Month №4 430$ 2 150$ 8 206.2$
  Month №5 430$ 2 150$ 10 112.3$
  Month №6 430$ 2 150$ 12 010.8$

Intricacies of using the scanner

At first glance, working with surebets looks simple and relaxed, but I've had some difficulties when using the scanner, especially after switching to live mode. A couple of times a week, it consistently happened that I did not have time to wager on the second arm of the live surebet. Sometimes, because of this, I lost $150-250, but when I wagering both arms, I was in a huge plus.

Several times I've had problems with the withdrawal of funds from the bookmakers, unprincipled bookies tried to delay the process of withdrawing funds in every possible way, by checking both my account and my identity. But in the end, everything always ended in my favor.

So, in just six months, I've managed to increase my own bankroll 6 times, which I consider a good result. Thanks to a profit, some of the disadvantages of the strategy I've chosen can be forgiven.

Income of our client

Final opinion

As of today, I still continue to use the BetWasp surebet scanner, because only with it I've achieved a good and stable income on surebetting. I completely trust the scanner, so already bought an annual subscription: it is not only convenient but also much cheaper.

I also improved my strategy a little, allowing me to significantly increase profits. I wager more bets now so that all my money "works". Yes, it takes me a little more time, but it's worth it in the end.

Oleg Borshchev
Having a huge wealth of knowledge and 11 years of betting proficiency, Oleg kindly shares his tips and experience in our blog. In his articles, you'll learn more about different strategies and bet types, as well as find a lot of useful advices and tips.
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