We'd like to inform you that we have recently added a useful feature which get our customers the possibility to request the addition of a new bookmaker directly from the Account on «Propositions» page. 

As for today, you have two options available - create your own request or vote for already suggested bookmakers by other customers.

All you need is to go to the «Propositions» page and click on the UP gray arrow (if your want to vote for an existing request). 


Click on the «Request a Bookmaker» button, and enter the necessary data (bookmaker’s name, website and scanning type) to create your own request. After creation, all the proposals pass the moderation (it is necessary to avoid errors in requests) and then appear in our voting list. 

Please note that all BetWasp registered customers can vote for existing proposals but only customers with paid subscription can create it’s own requests. 

According to the results of voting, we will first add the bookmakers with the most votes!