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You will get a guaranteed income on surebets, and we will help you to save your time on searching, calculating and placing the necessary bets.

What are surebets?

A surebet means a situation when betting on opposite outcomes of the same event brings profit regardless of the outcome.

The search for surebets is getting done either the old fashioned way (manually) or using modern technologies. The surebet scanner is a software designed to automatically find the arbitrage situations and provide a list to its users.

What is a surebet software?

Is it possible to make money with surebets?

Let's illustrate the answer to the question with an example of a tennis match between approximately equal opponents. Let's say the bookmaker 'A' sets the odds to 2.10 for the win of the player 'X', while the bookmaker 'B' sets 2.15 for the win of the player 'Y'.

It is easy to calculate that by betting the same amounts, for example, $1,000 each, we will eventually get either $100 or $150 of net profit: (1000 * 2.10) = 2100, (1000 * 2.15) = 2150.

Thousands of events take place worldwide every day, all of them being represented in the lines of hundreds of bookies. With such a variety, it is extremely difficult to find suitable odds on your own, so many bettors resort to using surebet services. For the pros, the surebet scanner is the same working tool as the steering wheel for the aircraft pilot.

There is serious competition in the market for sure bet software, but the bettors are increasingly gravitating towards BetWasp and they have several reasons for their decision.


How the BetWasp sure bet finder works

BetWasp is not only a live surebets scanner, but also a multifunctional assistant for every professional bettor. One of its main advantages is speed due to which the data in the application is being updated almost without delay.

It should be noted that BetWasp was created not only for betting surebets. Its functionality also includes valuebets. Value bettors meaning the bettors who wager their bets at the odds deliberately set too high.

Both of the strategies may generate consistent and measurable income. Their main difference lies in the fact that the sure bettors work for a quick profit from each bet, while the value bettors ​​get their profits from a long distance.

But for both of them, the betting speed is critically important. BetWasp surebet software serves in this matter, helping to wager your bets with a single click, without going to the bookies’ sites.

We tried to achieve complete alignment of the surebet scanner data and the sportsbook data. Our software works without delays or lags. You will always have the most relevant data on your screen.

Our application scans the lines of dozens of bookies in 40+ sports on live mode, allowing you to get the maximum number of profitable surebets and value bets for your betting.

30 days of unlimited surebets

for only €5.66 / day

What you need to operate BetWasp

Before starting to make money with profitable surebets and valuebets, the gamblers need to take a few most simple steps:

  1. Download and install the app. At the moment, the application is compatible with the Windows operating system (version 7 and higher). BetWasp will soon be available on macOS and Linux.
  2. Register on the site and pay for a subscription. has Live subscription plans for surebets and valuebets. You can choose the bets type that suits you best.
  3. Enter the bookmaker credentials into the app. You need to enter information in the application settings to access the bookies you intend to work with in the future.
  4. Deposit your sportsbook accounts. Surely, in order to place bets, you need to have funds on those accounts. It is advisable to evenly distribute your bank among all the bookmakers.
  5. Set up a multifilter. With its help, you will be able to configure your surebet and valuebet results ​​according to various parameters:
  • bookmakers;
  • middles;
  • types of sports;
  • profitability;
  • start of the event;
  • surebet lifetime.

Then all you need to do is select the desired surebet / valuebet with just a click - and BetWasp will wager all the necessary bets. Congratulations - you've wagered your first surebet / valuebet!

Sign up with BetWasp and start making money today!


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