Value betting software – get an advantage over bookmakers

Working with our value betting software, you will always know which odds in the bookmakers’ betting lines are overstated and suitable for wagering. Choose outcomes with substantial advantage, and BetWasp will do the rest!

What is the BetWasp value betting software for?

Our value betting software assessing and analyzing the overstated bookmaker odds. This app is able to find all valuebets, and generate a list in a matter of seconds. BetWasp is considered one of the best valuebet scanners according to the recent users rating.

With the help of this software, any bettor (even a newbie) will be able to get a list of profitable outcomes to safely bet on. The search for valuebets is fully automated and has no delays nor lags in data updating. You can wager bets with a single click, without going to the bookmaker’s websites.

Value betting software

How does BetWasp valuebet finder works

Let's see the internal workings of the BetWasp valuebets software. As you already saw, our software aggregates information from the bookmaker betting lines, but how does the user receive it and how can the wagers be made? Everything is quite simple:

  1. The bettor is to enter the credentials in the BetWasp application for it to access the bookmakers’ accounts (if there are more than one of them). You should first deposit these accounts.
  2. Next, the bettor should choose the intended bet type (you can select both surebets and valuebets), determine the list of alleged bookmakers and sports.
  3. The valuebet finder undertakes information gathering for analysis (it takes not longer than a mere second).
  4. The bettor receives information on valuebets / surebets.
  5. The user is to unassistedly determine the outcome to wager a bet on.
  6. After agreeing (when clicking on the relevant field), the BetWasp scanner wagers on the selected outcome without navigating to the bookmaker's website.

So this is the most basic principle of the BetWasp valuebet finder designed to significantly save your time.

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BetWasp valuebets software benefits


The BetWasp valuebets software has some undeniable advantages. Many bettors use this software for the following reasons:

  1. The scanning speed. The BetWasp scanner operates an enormous amount of information, but the entire search may take a mere second. So you will always have up-to-date info on the overstated odds.
  2. The excellent pool of bookmakers. 15 bookies from all over the world are already available in the application and their number is constantly growing.
  3. More than 40 kinds of sport. The software scans all kinds of sports disciplines. Even cricket and Gaelic football fans are able to get their own version of the odds.
  4. Large selection of valuebets. The BetWasp checker finds not one or two betting options, but all valuebets available ​​at the given time.
  5. One-click betting. The gambler is able to wager a bet without navigating to the bookmaker - everything is being done directly through the app.
  6. No delays nor lags in updating data. Our data is fully synchronized with the bookmakers - zero seconds delay. Always up-to-date information at your disposal in live mode.
  7. The bettor has complete control over the bets. The search for suitable events is fully automated, but the bettor always has complete control over the course of a betting process. Only the capper can choose suitable outcomes - no nasty surprise. As you can see, the advantages of the BetWasp value betting software are obvious, and no wonder it's called an indispensable assistant in the world of valuebetting.
Try it and see for yourself!

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