What is an Asian Handicap?

The world of betting can offer lots of bet types. One of them is the Asian Handicap. In this article, we will explore the nature and principles of the term and look at how the bettors can use the Asian handicap for successful bets.

What does the Asian handicap mean?

The Asian Handicap is a sports bet type designed to provide a more interesting and profitable game for bettors. Unlike the regular handicap, the Asian Handicap allows for fractional values.

The essence of the Asian handicap is that one of the teams is being given a virtual advantage, and the other - a forced disadvantage by adding or subtracting a certain number of goals/points/games (depending on the kind of sport). This is done so that both sides have an almost equal chance of winning the event.

For example, if in a soccer match, the home team has an Asian handicap of -1.5, this means that they need to score two more goals than the away team for the bet to win. In case of betting on the visiting team with an Asian handicap of +1.5, the bet wins if they finish the match no more than 1 goal behind or better.

Asian Handicap provides bettors with more variability in betting, offering the means of more accurate prediction of the outcome of sports events to make sports betting more exciting and profitable.

Types of Asian Handicap bets

The Asian Handicap bet has 3 lines: Full, Half and Quarter. Let's take a closer look at each line type.

What does the Asian handicap mean?

Full Line (Asian Handicap 0, 1)

The full line in the Asian Handicap has bets with integer numbers: 0, +1, -2, etc. In order for the bet to be successful, it is necessary that the final advantage of the selected team be greater than the indicated number in the event. If the advantage matches the number in the outcome, the bet is to be settled as a payback. In any other case, it is considered lost.

For example, let's take the Premier League match Everton Vs Fulham, and in it - the H1 (-1) outcome with +232 odds. For this bet to win, the home team must win by 2 or more goals. If Everton wins this match by a slightest margin, then the bet is to get repaid though the payback. And in case of a draw or in the event that Fulham wins, the bets are to be fully returned.

Half Line (Asian Handicap 0.5, 1.5, 2.5)

In Asian Handicap betting, half lines are used for betting with half advantage: -0.5, +1.5, -2.5, etc. For these kinds of bets to win, the final outcome for the selected team must exceed the handicap indicated in the bet. Otherwise, the bet will be lost. Please note that there is no payback option for this type of Asian Handicap.

As an example, let's once again take the Premier League clash Everton Vs Fulham, but now we are betting H1 (-1.5) with the +315 odds. For this bet to win, the home team must win by 2 or more goals. Any other result will be considered a lost bet.

Quarter Line (Asian Handicap 0.25, 0.75, 1.25, 1.75)

Quarter lines represent the most interesting type of handicap bets involving betting on quarter values: +0.25, -0.75, etc. This type of bet covers 2 possible outcomes literally on the opposite sides of the selected value. A payback with such bets is possible, but only for a half the bet, whereas the second part will be considered either won or lost.

Let's take a look through Everton vs Fulham as an example again. This time we are to wager 2 bets: H1 (-0.25) with -106 odds, and H1 (-0.75) with +151 odds. For convenience, let's take our betting stake in the total amount of $100. As a result, we have the following situation:

Fulham wins Tied game Everton wins by 1 goal Everton win by 2 goals or more
H1(-0.25) $0 $50 $193.9 $193.9
H1(-0.75) $0 $0 $175.5 $251

How to calculate the Asian Handicap bet

In the world of betting, it is common to call the Asian handicap a quarter handicap (although this is not entirely true). The deal is that the bettors only think quarter bets (+1.25, -2.75) are the Asian handicap. For the favorite of the match, the Asian handicap line will have a minus sign ("-"), and for the outsider - a plus sign ("+").

To analyze and understand the Asian handicap, let's chose a real match with real odds, the Premier League match of Everton Vs Fulham. The BOs had set the following odds for the Asian Handicap for this match:

How to calculate the Asian Handicap bet

Our experiment will involve wagering 2 opposite bets, H1 (-0.25) and H2 (+0.25). For the first bet, the BOs had set the -110 odds, and for the second - the +103 one. Let's bet a $100 stake on each event (for convenience), and analyze each separate bet.

H1 (-0.25)

H1 (-0.25)

We bet $100 on this event. Basically, we just wagered 2 bets of $50 each on H1 (0) and H1 (-0.5), betting on the next "regular" odds. Now let's calculate the possible outcomes:

  1. Everton wins by any score: both of our bets "win", we get $191.
  2. Tied game: our first bet gets a payback, the second one is lost. As a result, we lose $50.
  3. Fulham wins by any score: both of our bets lose.

H2 (+0.25)

H2 (+0.25)

In this case, we can split the bet as follows: H2 (0) and H2 (+0.5). Here we also bet a $100 stake, so each bet gets $50. Let's analyze the possible options:

  1. Everton wins by any score: both of our bets lose.
  2. Tied game: the first bet is settled with a payback, the second bet "wins". As a result, we get $151.7 ($50 + $101.7).
  3. Fulham wins by any score: both of our bets "win", we get a $203.4 profit.

Asian Handicaps list

Asian Handicaps list

Difference from the classic handicap (European handicap)

The difference between the Asian handicap and the classic handicap (European handicap) is that the first one allows for the use of fractional values. Namely, the Asian handicap provides more accurate and flexible options for the advantage or disadvantage of teams. The European handicap is being used only in cases when one of the participants wins, whereas in the Asian handicap, it is possible to bet on a draw.

The classic handicap operates only with integer values (for example, +1, -1, +2, -2), while the Asian handicap provides the option of using fractional numbers. Moreover, such numbers can be not only half values (+0.5, -1.5), but also quarter values (-0.25, +1.25). This approach allows to more accurately reflect the expected difference in power between the teams and find more interesting events with the possibility of a partial payback.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of the Asian Handicap?

The Asian handicap, like other types of bets, has its advantages and disadvantages. Below we have collected the key points of this type of bet.

Advantages of the Asian Handicap

  • Betting flexibility: the Asian Handicap provides more flexible and accurate options for the advantages of the teams, allowing bettors to make more accurate predictions of the outcomes of events.
  • Payback option: some handicaps offer the option of a partial payback of the bet, reducing the risk of losing the full amount of the betting stake.
  • Leveling the odds: the Asian Handicap helps leveling the odds between teams, making bets more attractive to bettors.
  • Variety of strategies: due to the variety of Asian Handicap options, the bettors will have the opportunity to design various strategies adapted to specific situations and analysis results.

Disadvantages of the Asian Handicap

  • Difficulty for beginners: understanding all types of Asian handicaps may be quite difficult for the newbies. More so, misunderstanding and interpretation of events can lead to financial losses.
  • Restricted markets: not all bookmakers provide a wide range of Asian handicaps, limiting the choice of bettors.
  • Complex analysis: sometimes it may be difficult to predict which Asian handicap to choose depending on the expected outcome of an event. This type of bet requires bettors to have a deeper analysis skills and experience in betting.
  • Mixed outcomes: some Asian Handicaps may result in mixed outcomes where the bet partially wins and partially gets a payback. This approach often causes misunderstanding between bettors (especially the newbies).


➤What is the difference between European Handicap and Asian Handicap?
The European Handicap only operates with integer values (for example, -1, +2), while the Asian Handicap allows fractional values (-0.5, +1.25). This approach provides more flexible betting options.

➤What do plus (+) and minus (-) signs mean in Asian Handicap betting?
Plus and minus signs in Asian Handicap betting indicate the advantage or disadvantage given to the selected team. The plus sign (+) gives the advantage to the selected team in the form of adding a certain number of points to the real result. The minus sign (–) indicates that the team is lagging behind because the specified number of points is to be subtracted from the actual result of the team.

➤What does Double Asian Handicap mean?
Double Asian Handicap is a more complex bet consisting of two regular Asian Handicaps. It provides two possible outcomes and a partial payback option. Basically, the Double Asian Handicap is betting with quarter values, +0.25, -0.75, +1.75, etc.

➤What is the Asian Handicap in Basketball and Soccer (football)?
The Asian Handicap in basketball and soccer (football) allows players to add or subtract a certain number of points from the real result of the selected team. This is done to make the bet more interesting and exciting by initially setting the teams on an equal footing.

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