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Request limits

The meaning of the "Request limit exceeded" notification

We have set a limit to control the number of requests sent to our server. In order to avoid exceeding the limit, we recommend to open no more than 3 tabs simultaneously in the auto-update mode.

What happens when I open 4 or more tabs at the same time?

The automatic update of data will be put on hold for a short period of time if you open more than 3 tabs simultaneously with the enabled auto-update option. The more tabs/windows you have opened, the longer the pause will be.

Why does the service limit the number of open tabs when the data is being auto-updated?

Some clients of our service use third-party software to automatically read data by sending a huge number of requests to our server. Such manipulations slow down the speed of data traffic that other BetWasp users receive. That is why we've decided to limit the number of requests allowed in a regular subscription to the service. However, you can have access to the higher limits by using a special tariff for API packages.

What will happen to me, if I constantly exceed the limits?

RExceeding the limit on a regular basis will lead to your BetWasp account being blocked, since such actions violate our rules (see paragraph “2.k” of the Terms of Use: "There is a limit of 800 requests to the server per hour for each account with a Prematch tariff and 2000 requests per hour for each account with a Live tariff. Exceeding any of the indicated limits is a ground for the immediate blocking of the user's account without a refund."

What is considered to be a request sent to the server?

Any data update (either manual or automatic) in the scanning searching page may be considered as a request. In the auto-update mode, the results are being updated every 3 seconds for Live surebets, and every 5 seconds - for the Prematch ones. One tab opened with a surebet scanner generates 1,200 requests per hour in Live section and 720 requests per hour in Prematch mode, meaning it is simply impossible to exceed the set limits with only one tab being opened. The user of our service will start to receive warning notifications if the average number of requests is constantly being exceeded. If the user ignores the warnings, they will get their account banned.