BetWasp is essentially a logical follow-up of the BetBurger product where we have met a need of the customers in more rapid wagering. 

It should be recalled that one of the major difficulties in arbing and value betting is short lifetime. It’s especially critical for Live events where a bet vanishes in a matter of seconds. 

BetWasp is a desktop application for Windows, MacOS and Linux. In line with BetBurger, it has a list of bets with the option of creating personalized filters according to your strategy. 

When you select a bet, a calculator opens up, however, now you can immediately place it by pressing the “Place bet” button (or “Place both bets” to wager both outcomes). 

Login to bookmaker through the HTTPS protocol

You would obviously need to login to a bookmaker to enable the option of immediate bet. For most bookies we’re using a standard https protocol to pass credentials and receive server response. It is worth mentioning that our bot does not send multiple requests to the bookmaker server and fully emulates behavior of a customer.

Login to bookmaker through a web browser

Detection technologies are indeed moving forward. That’s why sportsbooks are constantly working on improving the algorithms. Some bookmakers already know how to detect a bot through the HTTPS protocol. To bypass the protection of such advanced bookies we’re using our own web browser that fully emulates behavior of a real person. 


Often when logging into the bookmaker account one can come across Captcha/ReCaptcha. In order to solve it we use It's 100% effective when it comes to filling in a captcha as real people are in control. The point is the service pays them $0,3-$1 for solving 1000 captchas, and you, in turn, pay the service $0,7-$3 for the same amount. 

IP address

The most frequent question our customers ask is “from which device\IP address will the bet be made?”. 

It obviously would be made from the IP address used when logging into your bookmaker account. 

In case you do not use a proxy and access your account from your home\work IP address, don’t insert any proxy in your bookmaker account settings so the application will use the IP address and configurations of your machine. 

If you apply a proxy when logging into the bookmaker account, BetWasp enables you to adjust proxy settings. 

User-agent and Language-header

These are another two configurations of your browser that bookmaker anti-fraud algorithms usually take notice of. Make sure that these bookie settings are identical to your browser settings, operating system and language.

Personal information integrity

And for the record, we’d like to emphasize that the login, password, browser and proxy settings you provide to the BetWasp application when creating a sportsbook account are stored exclusively in the configuration file on your local machine. No BetWasp or Aspira Limited representative has access to the data.

If you still have questions, please contact us at and we’d be glad to assist.