Surebet Calculator

Our surebet calculator was created to facilitate the calculation of bet amounts for arbitrage betting. With a help of this calculator, any bettor will be able to calculate not only the correct amounts of bets for surebets with 2 or 3 outcomes in a matter of seconds, but also to define the expected profit.

How to use surebet calculator

It’s a quiet easy to understand how to work with surebet calculator not only for professional punters, but also for any beginner, since this tool is quite simple and, at the same time, pretty functional. The full manual on how to use the surebet calculator from BetWasp is as follows:

  1. Specify the number of outcomes in surebet (2 or 3) in the “Outcome” field.
  2. Enter the total amount that you plan to bet on the current surebet in the field next to the “Calculate” button.
  3. Select the required currency to the right of the total bets amount.
  4. Put the odds in the “Odd” column for each of the outcomes (rows W1/W2/W3).
  5. On the top right you will see the result of the calculation according to the entered data.
  6. You can see the net profit for each outcome of the arbitrage situation in the “Rev” column in the table (in accordance with the values entered).
  7. The “Stake” column will indicate the exact amount you need to bet for each outcome.

In addition to the basic instructions, there are also a few more points to consider:

  1. You can round automatically the bet amount: just specify the required number in the field to the right of the currency field (relevant both for each leverage separately and for the total bet amount).
  2. Select the main result (in your opinion) in column “D” of the table in order to shift the profit towards this outcome as much as possible.

Surebet calculation example

It’s better to show how to calculate surebet with our calculator in a real example. Let’s take the football match from the 16th round of the Spanish League "Mallorca" - "Valladolid".

As we can see, one bookmaker set the odds “2.21” for the victory of “Mallorca”, while another bookmaker set “1.95” for not losing of “Valladolid”.

We substitute the specified data into the online calculator and see that the surebet yield is 3.59%. It means that if we bet a total amount of 200 USD – we get 7.19 USD net profit (according to the calculator, it is necessary to set 93.75 USD for the victory of “Mallorca” and 106.25 USD for not losing of “Valladolid”).


What is an arbitrage situation (surebet)?
An arbitrage situation or a surebet is an odds difference for the opposite outcomes of the event in different bookmakers. This situation allows you to bet on several mutually exclusive outcomes, remaining “in the black” regardless the final outcome of the match. The net profit from surebets can be 10-12%, but mostly it is 1-5% of the total bet amount.
What is the surebet calculator for?
The online calculator of arbitrage situations was created to make the life of arbers easier. With its help, you can calculate all the data on the surebet in a matter of seconds: the required amount for each bet, the profitability of the surebet and net profit, the amount of funds to cover the already placed bet, etc. The online calculator allows you to speed up the process of managing surebets, and it means that you’ll earn more money.
Is your arb calculator free?
BetWasp Surebet Calculator is absolutely free. Any Internet user can make an unlimited number of iterations of arbs calculation without any financial investment.
Is it legal to work with surebets?
Surebets are completely legal, but bookmakers discourage bettors who use them. Accordingly, in order to successfully work on arbitrage situations, you should be careful so that the bookmaker’s employees do not suspect you are an arber. This is also why we recommend you to use the rounding function of our calculator.