What is Asian Total in Betting?

Over the past decades, sports betting has evolved from casual hobby to complex strategic decisions requiring a deep understanding of the betting aspects. One of the most unique and popular types of betting is the Asian total. In this article, we intend to take a closer look at what Asian total is, its inner workings, and analyze the benefits the bettors get from using it.

What does Asian Total Mean

Asian total means a type of sports bet on the total number of points, goals or other events that may occur in a sports event. Asian totals differ from European totals due to them offering more flexible betting options.

How do Asian Totals Work?

While betting with the Asian total, the bettor is to place bets on the probability of the total number of points/goals getting over or under some specific number. But unlike European totals, the bettor will get the opportunity to get a partial payback in the event of a certain outcome. Such betting method allows bettors to take into account more outcomes and circumstances during the sporting events, making betting more interesting and strategic. Basically, the Asian total is considered a quarter betting.

For example, in case a bettor wagered a bet on an Asian total over 2.25, then the bet to win, the total number of goals must be 3 or more. But at the same time, the bet is to be calculated as a partial payback in cases when the match ends with 2 goals.

Asian Total Over

Asian total over is tagged in the bookmakers lines as TO. In this case, the bettor is to wager a bet on the indicators getting over some specific set number.

The quarter bet is highly dependent on the quarter being wagered on. There are two variations of the bet - 0.75 and 0.25.

It means, for example, that the Asian total over 1.75 is to be divided into 1.5 and 2.0, it all resulting in the following several options:

  1. Both bets win.
  2. One bet is successful, and the other half is to be settled with a payback.
  3. Complete win.

Whereas the total 1.25 generated two following possible situations - over 1.0 and over 1.5. However, in this case, the bettor may either fully win, or get a payback for half of the bet and lose the other half.

Asian Total Under

Asian Total Under is tagged in the bookmakers lines as TU. It means that the bettor is betting on some numbers getting lesser than a specific set figure.

Let's say the bettor intends to bet that teams will score less than 3 goals. The Asian total 2.75 is one of the methods to make this prediction. If exactly 3 goals are scored, the bet gets a partial payback (TU 3), and the other half of the bet gets lost (TU 2.5). With other outcomes, the bettor gets either a complete win, or a loss.

If you predict that the teams only stick to one goal, or even a end a game in a blank tie, then it may be more correct to choose the Under 2.25 event. Here, one is to get either the maximum win (0–1 goals), or a partial payback (TU 2.0) and a win (TU 2.5) with two goals scored, or a loss (3 goals or more).

How Is It Different From The Standard Total

Asian total and regular (European) total are two quite different approaches to betting, so they both have their own specifics and advantages. Let's take a look at the key differences between those two types of totals:

  • Betting flexibility: Asian total provides the bettors with a more flexible range of bets as it allows to choose from a number of limits. The regular total offers its bettors only integer numerical options. The above approach of the Asian total allows bettors to plan their predictions more accurately.
  • Paybacks: one of the key features of the Asian total is the possibility of a payback in case the number of points scored meets the set numerical limit. More over, the payback is only for the half of the bet, the second half either properly wins, or loses.
  • More complex scenarios: the Asian total allows the bettors to incept more complex scenarios and outcomes. This may get especially useful in events where predicting the exact number of points appears to be slightly more difficult. Whereas the standard total is focused on simple outcomes, such as "under" or "over" a certain number.
  • Reduced margin: as a rule, the bookies offer lower margins on Asian totals. Accordingly, when using the AT bets, the bettor may be able to get large profits from the bet.
  • Strategic approach: Asian total encourages a more strategic approach to betting as bettors are able to analyze and select more variable outcomes. And it also helps the bettor to identify valuable bets based on more complex scenarios.

The choice between Asian and European totals depends on the preferences and personal experience of the bettor. Asian total provides a lot of flexibility and strategic betting options, making it an attractive choice for those looking to delve deeper into the world of sports betting.

Calculation of The Asian Total

Let's use a real example to analyze the Asian total strategy, but anyway, we must analyze its two types - total under and total over - separately. For our example, let's take the Everton vs Fulham Premier League clash. For convenience, let's set a $1,000 total stake.

Calculation of the Asian total

Total Over

In this example, let's bet TO 2.25 with -132 odds, and remember that our betting stake is $1,000. Now we have several options for the further progression of events:

  1. Teams score 1 goal or end game in a blank tie: in this case, we lose our bet.
  2. Teams score total of 2 goals: in this case, we get a payback of half of the bet ($500), and the second half of the bet gets returned.
  3. Teams score total of 3 or more goals: our bet wins, we make a profit of $1,759.
Total over

Total Under

In the calculation of this type of bet, we will bet on the TU 2.75 event with -149 coefficient. In this case, we also have 3 possible options for betting:

  1. Teams score total of 4 or more goals: our bet is considered properly lost.
  2. Teams score 3 goals: in this case, we get a payback of half of the bet ($500), and the second half of the bet gets us a winning coefficient (-149). So in the end, we get $500 + $835 = $1,335.
  3. Teams score a total of 2 goals or less: our bet wins, we make a profit of $1,670.
Total Under

An Example of Calculation For The Asian Total As Part of The Parlay Bet

Basically, the Asian total parlay bet has 2 bets, each half must be wagered with half of the total betting stake. For our example, let's take the following accumulator:

  • Brighton wins with -293 odds;
  • Everton wins or ties with -279 odds;
  • TO 2.25 with -181 odds.
An example of calculation for the Asian total as part of the parlay bet

Now we are able to divide this parlay into 2 bets for a better understanding of the Asian total. We got 2 parlays, $500 each:

  1. Brighton wins, Everton wins or ties, TO 2.
  2. Brighton wins, Everton wins or ties, TO 2.5.

Let's say that the first 2 events occurred, but in the third match, 2 goals were scored. Then we get the following calculation:

  1. Payback of the first part of the accumulator: $500.
  2. Loss of the second part of the bet: $0.

As a result, in this case, we got "poorer" by $500.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Betting With Asian Total

Asian totals, like other types of bets, have a number of their own advantages and disadvantages. Below, we have compiled a list of the most significant "pros" and "cons" for you.


  • Greater flexibility in choosing bets;
  • Option of partial/full payback of the bet;
  • Asian total allows to reduce risks and increase the chances of success;
  • Lots of different strategies to use;
  • Lower margins on bets.


  • More complex rules for using events;
  • Not a lot of sports events have an Asian total line;
  • Partial limits on the amount of the bet due to low demand;
  • Lower odds for totals.

If you are looking for a more flexible and accurate way to bet on sports, then Asian Totals is a good option for you. However, these types of bets are also more difficult to take in.


➤When is it worth betting with the Asian total?
The Asian total is a good way to make extra sure against one goal scores in bets. With it, the bettor is able to get a payback of part of the wagered stake in the event that half of the bet loses.

➤How is the Asian total different from the European one?
The Asian total has the following differences from the European total:

  • Asian total provides more flexible numerical options for betting (quarter bets);
  • With AT, one will be able to get a payback of a part of the stake in case of certain outcomes;
  • Asian total takes into account more complex scenarios and outcomes of the event;
  • It can be used to design more strategic bets.

➤What is the difference between the 2.5 and 2.75 odds in the Asian total?
The difference between 2.5 and 2.75 totals is how they affect bet outcomes:

  1. Total 2.5: in case of betting on total 2.5, the bet may either lose or win. In case of a TO 2.5 bet, you win, provided 3 goals were scored in the match. But if you bet on TU 2.5, then even with 3 goals scored i a match, the bet will lose.
  2. Total 2.75: in case of an Asian total 2.75, the bet not only win or loses, but also may get a partial payback. Payback is made in case of the limit values of the total 2.75 (2 or 3 goals, depending on the type of bet chosen). For example: when betting on TU 2.75 and 3 goals are scored in a match, then the bettor is to get a payback of half of the betting stake, and lose the other half. And in case the bet was wagered on TO 2.75, then with 3 goals the bettor is to get half of the betting stake in the form of a payback, and the second half is to be calculated by the winning odds.

➤What sports events are better bets on?
Asian totals are best suited for events with lots of goals/points. Also they may be used in matches where one of the teams is expected to dominate the game.
With regards to types of sports, then it is best to use the Asian total for American football, soccer, basketball, hockey, volleyball, handball and tennis events.

➤Are these bets suitable for surebets?
Asian totals are great for surebets because they offer a wider range of options than European totals. This allows the bettor to find more variants for compiling surebets, especially in Live mode.

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