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Overvalue percentage of outcome

The overvalue percentage of outcome is a value showing the level of overvaluation of odds in comparison with the average ones set by the top bookies, displayed without their margins (also known as Avgline). The values of the "overvalue outcomes" can be found near the name of the event in the surebet and value bet calculators. The overvalue percentage of outcome may be useful in the following situations:

  1. It helps to determine the leverage of the highest margin surebet to calculate the betting sequence.
  2. The value can serve as an additional factor for more correct calculation of the overvaluation of the value bet.
  3. With the help of the overvalue percentage of the outcome, you can use surebets without overlapping the leverage with increased odds, but use the system "wisely".

Overvalue feature

Avgline is being generated taking into account the data of only the best global BOs selected by the BetWasp team as part of a deep analysis of statistics for various sports. Our team constantly analyzes the input data aiming for the significant increase of the speed and accuracy of the provided information on surebets and value bets.