Sports betting in the USA: tips from experts


Lots of sports fans from the USA probably wouldn't mind turning their hobby into a stable income, but, until recently, it was almost impossible.

However, a lot has changed and the US residents now have an opportunity to make money by betting like many other bettors from all over the world. In our today's article, we will tell you more about it. 

How to make money by betting in the USA

As we've already mentioned earlier, even 5 years ago, you literally could not make profit by betting in the United States, because the betting was simply banned by the government. The status quo has changed in May 2018, when the Supreme Court overturned a federal ban on sports betting.

This move has let the bookies to open their doors - at first, only for residents of a few states, but as of today, the sports betting is already allowed in more than 30 regions of the United States (with certain restrictions in some of them).

USA betting map

Needless to say, the permission to wager bets in itself does not warranty making money, because the bookmakers are always trying to outsmart you. That's why betting on surebets comes handy here, allowing you to get guaranteed income regardless of the result of the event.

Just a simple surebet example: let's say you bet $100 on TU 2.5 in one Bookmaker (B1) with 2.12 odds and $100 on TO 2.5 in another Bookmaker (B2) with 2.08 one (the event is the same). In this case, you are guaranteed get either $12 (2.12*100) or $8 (2.08*100) of net profit no matter the final result.

Read more about surebets here.

Surebet service: why US bettors prefer to use it

Our surebet service was designed specifically for the bettors residing in the US and Canada. Its main aim is to analyze the betting lines set by the dozens of major popular in US bookies (currently, we scan more than 40 bookmakers in 40+ sports), while searching for the existing surebets.

Then our software displays the list of surebets to our clients who only have to select the arbitrage situations most suitable to their needs, calculate the stake with the help of our surebet calculator, and go to the bookies' websites to wager bets.

Surebet scanning results

Surely, you are free to search for surebets on your own, but only imagine how much time it will take to analyze the lines of more than 40 bookmakers, as well as calculate the surebets. During such time, the odds for the event will almost certainly be updated, and you will have to start the search again.

In addition, with the BetWasp service, the surebettor will have a lot of useful tools to simplify the betting process. It’s not only the aforementioned surebet calculator, but also the multifilters with settings for surebet search results for any parameter you may need (profitability, type of sports, bookmakers, etc), an Accounting tool for keeping track of your bets, and much, much more.

Also please kindly note that BetWasp is a service searching not exclusively for surebets, but also for the value bets, another one effective system for making money on betting.

What does value bet mean?

Value bets are the bets being wagered on the outcomes of events with the incorrect (inflated) odds set by the bookies due to an incorrect assessment of probabilities.

BetWasp valuebets

This strategy has long proved its effectiveness, and is helpful in bringing long-term tangible profits. Our service will help you find fitting outcomes - you'll only need to wager the necessary bets then. 

What do we have as a result

BetWasp is an indispensable tool for the bettors from the US and Canada who have already started or are about to start wagering on the surebets and/or the value bets. Among the main advantages of BW service are:

  • 40+ popular in the US and Canada bookmakers to be scanned (such as BetMGM, FanDuel, DraftKings, Foxbet and many others).
  • American odds format is available for ease of use of the service.
  • All the necessary tool for successful surebetting and valuebetting at our customers’ disposal (the surebet calculator, multifilters with search result settings, a menu for hiding unfitting surebets from the results, the Accounting tool, etc.).
  • Payments for subscription in US dollars via popular payment systems such as Visa/MasterCard and BitPay.

Sounds good? Sign up with BetWasp and start making money today, like thousands of other arbers from the US and Canada.

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Oleg Borshchev
Feb 22, 2023