What is a Betting Broker

Almost every bettor at least once has heard about betting brokers, but not every one of them is fully aware of its nature. In this article, we are taking a look at the inner workings of betting brokers, analyze theirs benefits, and consider the ways to choose the best betting broker for one's needs.

Why do one need a betting broker in sports betting?

A betting broker here means an indispensable tool for anyone looking to scale up their betting opportunities. Betting brokers come in handy when legal restrictions or technical barriers are blocking access to the bookmakers in some countries. With their help, the bettor will be able to get a wide access to bets around the world.

Betting brokers allow bettors to bypass geographic restrictions that may exist in your country. For example, if online betting is prohibited in your country, or in case the access to certain betting sites is limited, betting brokers may provide you with the opportunities to wager bet on their platforms. This may be especially importance for those who intend to bet on unavailable events at local betting sites.

Thus, the betting broker expands the betting horizons, and allows the bettor to interact with global markets, even if there are restrictions in its own country. This gives bettors more freedom of choice and the opportunity to wager bets on the most interesting and relevant events around the world.

How do betting brokers make their profit?

A betting broker makes money through provision of intermediary services, by acting as an intermediary between bettors and the bookies. Broker profit is based on several key points:

  1. Fees paid by bettors: betting brokers may charge fees from bettors for providing access to betting services and platforms. Such fee can be in the form of a percentage of winnings, bets wagered, or is may be charged as a fixed amount.
  2. Spread: brokers can set a small margin between the odds set by various bookies. The difference between the odds allows the broker to make profit, regardless of the result of the bettor's bet.
  3. Cooperation with the bookies: betting brokers may have partnerships with the bookmakers. In this case, the broker is to get a fee from the bookmaker for each new registered bettor, or elsewise t may get it for the volume of bets made by such bettors.
  4. Access to exclusive markets: brokers may have access to markets that are not available to regular bettors. This allows them to offer specific services and rates where they may charge extra fees.
  5. Services for professional bettors: betting brokers often provide special services for professional bettors, such as quick access to high limits or analytics tools. For such additional services, the broker may also charge a certain fee.

Advantages and disadvantages of betting with a broker

Betting with a betting broker has its own pros and cons, so it is essential to know them before betting this way.

Advantages of betting with a betting broker:

  1. Access to global markets: with a help of broker, bettors will be able to access global betting markets that may not be available in their regions. This expands the choice of bets and events.
  2. Restriction bypass: the bettors from the countries with betting restrictions will be able to use a broker to bypass said restrictions, and wager their bets on the events of interest.
  3. Best odds: betting brokers offer a comparison feedback regarding odds set by different bookies, thus allowing the bettor to choose the most favorable conditions for betting.
  4. Exclusive services: some brokers provide additional services such as analytics, statistics and advice to help bettors make better decisions.
  5. High limits: the brokers are able to offer their clients the betting limits that are higher than those set by the regular bookmakers. This feature is especially useful for professional bettors.

Disadvantages of betting with a betting broker:

  1. Additional fees: some brokers charge fees for provision of their services, affecting the overall profit of the bettor.
  2. Limited control: the bettors may get limited control over their bets as it is the broker who decides where and how to wager bets.
  3. Broker dependency: the bettors become dependent on a broker to access their bets and in case of a problem with the broker or a broker platform, some difficulties may arise.
  4. Reliability risks: choosing an unreliable broker may result in the loss of funds, or in the inability to get winnings.
  5. Limited promotions and bonuses: brokers may offer a limited selection of promotions compared to those offered directly by the bookmakers.

Recommended betting brokers

There are lots of betting brokers, but most of them are not to be trusted. We've chosen the TOP 5 reliable brokers with a worldwide reputation, and recommend betting with them.



Betinasia is one of the leading betting brokers in the sports betting industry. Their minimum deposit varies depending on the deposit method used, but usually it starts at $500. The minimum bet is approximately $5. Betinasia's area of focus is a wide selection of sports events and markets, as well as the option of live mode betting.



Asianodds is extremely popular among professional bettors. This broker asks for a minimum deposit of $200, and its minimum bet is $10. One of the areas of focus of Asianodds is the high rate of real-time updates of odds, allowing the bettor to quickly respond to changes in the market.



With Asianconnect, the minimum deposit usually starts at $200, and the minimum bet is around $10. This broker is famous for its reliability and long history in the market. With its experience, you will be able to access a wide range of bookmakers and sports markets.



Sportmarket is an online platform providing simultaneous access to several bookies. Its approach simplifies the betting process for the bettors. This broker has a minimum deposit of $250, and a minimum bet of $10. Sportmarket is also known for its analytical tools and advanced statistics.



3et demands a minimum deposit of $100, and its minimum bet is approximately $10. This broker is known for its user friendliness and ease of use, as well as for the wide range of bookmakers available.

Keep in mind that the minimum deposit and minimum bet figures may change from time to time. We recommend checking the up to date information on the official websites of brokers before registering.

What does a betting agent mean

Betting agent and betting broker are two radically different concepts. They perform different functions, and have different relationships with bettors and bookmakerss in the sports betting world.

A betting agent means an intermediary between a betting company and the bettors. Agents work on the side of the bookies and are to provide information about current bets, help with account registration, other aspects of betting. They get their fees from the bookmakers for referring new customers.

Whereas a betting broker means a specialized company or a platform to provide access to the services of several bookies through a single platform. Their mediation is to facilitate the process of betting, and their fees depend on the volume of bets made with them.

Is it worth using the betting broker?

Using the betting brokers may be very useful, and even necessary in certain cases. Betting brokers provide a number of advantages that may make the betting process more profitable and easy:

  1. Brokers help bypassing geographic restrictions for the bettors from some countries. They provide access to the bookies in the event that the direct access is not available.
  2. Using betting brokers allows the bettors to wager their bets with several bookmakers with a single platform. This saves time and effort, but also makes it possible to compare odds and choose the most profitable options.

Brokers also often provide additional tools for analyzing events and advanced statistics, helping bettors make more informed decisions.

Of course, as in any other area, there are some disadvantages of using brokers, such as fees collected for their services. However, in general, using betting brokers may be a very profitable and convenient experience for sports betting enthusiasts.

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