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Bookies commision type settings

The users of our service are able to change the type of bookmakers' commissions (fees) using the "Com. type" field on the "Bookmakers" tab. At the moment, there are 2 types of fees available:

Win: this parameter is to be set for the profit commission.

Bet: this parameter is to be set for the full win commission, including the bet and the profit amounts.

Win commission

The Win parameter indicates the amount of fee relative to the net winnings (excluding the bet amount).

Example: The bookie has set the profit fee at 4%. We've bet $50 at the 1.8 rate. In case of our win, we'll get $90, but the net profit will be only $40. In this case, the bookie's fee is calculated from the winnings, namely, it will be ($40 * 4%) = $1.6. If we calculate the net odds of the outcome taking into account the bookmakers fee, we'll get: (50+40-1.6)/50 = 1.768.

Important note: this type of fee is used by betting exchanges.

Bet commission

The Bet parameter indicates the fee amount in regard to the size of the bet / the amount of the total winnings (including the size of both the bet and net profit). These are 2 different types of fees, although they are designated as one.

The bet commission

Example: the bookie set a 4% fee on the bet amount, and our bet was not changed: we wager $50 for an event with a 1.8 odds. After winning, we will get a profit of $90. However, it will be a subject to a commission that is charged on the entire amount of the bet: ($50 * 4%) = $2. This means that our net profit is not going to be $40, but it will be (90-50-2) = $38. If we calculate the net odds minus the bet commission, we will get the following total: (50+40-2)/50 = 1.76.

Important note: This kind of fee is common among Polish bookmakers.

The win commission

Example: The bookie has set the 4% fee for winnings, and we wagered $50 on an event with 1.8 odds. In case of a win, the return on the bet will be $90, the entire amount will be subject to a fee charge: ($90 * 4%) = $3.6. Thus, the net profit will be (90–50–3.6) = $36.4. Respectively, the odds minus the profit fee will be (50+40-3.6)/50 = 1.728.

Bookmakers commission

The user will have the option to change the amount of the commission in the Personal Account settings, as well as directly in the surebet calculator.