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Deleting surebets from the scanner

There are several ways to delete / hide surebets from the scanner results:

- by hiding a specific selected surebet;

- by hiding the entire outcome;

- by hiding the outcome of a specific bookmaker;

- by deleting an event for a specific bookmaker.

To remove/hide the selected surebet, click on the "recycle bin" icon Icon in the upper right corner of the surebet frame.

Hide menu

Hide options

"Hide surebet": after clicking on this option, the selected surebet will be removed from the results. However, once the odds are updated, the arb with this outcome will again be available in the search results.

"Hide event": the results will be displayed without the surebets for the selected outcome.

"Hide event in XXX": the surebets with events in the specific bookie will not be included in the results.

By clicking on the "X" icon next to an outcome, you will be able to reset the list of surebets that includes the selected event.

Hide example

Even once the odds are updated, the surebets with the deleted events in the specific bookie will not appear in the results again.

Important: neither hidden nor removed surebets disappear from the scanner completely. They can always be found in the side menu.

Hidden surebets