In the upper left corner of the surebet, you can find its profitability displayed as a percentage, however, this value may have a varied lot of backgrounds. Specific backgrounds correspond to specific statuses of the surebet, making it is easy to navigate the situation.

Red background: the event from this surebet will start within the next 10 minutes.

Red color

Orange background: this marker indicates that this BO has non-standard rules for the selected kind of sports. Most often we are talking about baseball or tennis matches.

Orange color

Green background: the surebet has only just appeared on the market (the green background "holds" for only 30 seconds after it appears.

Green color

Orange square next to a gray background: this marker indicates that there is a "middle" for the selected surebet.

Orange square

Blue background: the selected sports event is on a break/halftime/timeout.

Blue color

Gray background: regular state of the standard surebet.

Gray background