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New surebet alerts

It's kind of frustrating when you miss a good surebet, so we developed a notification feature to alert you about new arbs. Alerts can be sound or text, and it all depends on your personal preferences.

You can activate the sound alert on the page with the scanning results: in the Settings menu on the left side of the scanner results page, select the "Settings" item and then make sure to tick the "Sound alerts" checkbox. After that, you will be getting sound notifications for all new surebets that have recently appeared.

Sound alerts

A text notification about the new surebets can also be activated on the scanning results page - in the same "Settings" section of the sideber menu. In this case, you only have to tick the "Show popups" checkbox. The text messages to alert you about new surebets will be displayed in the text format on your screen, regardless of the page you are on.

Text alerts