Our surebet scanner supports outcome filtering for you to remove the unfit events from the results. To do this, you just need to mark all necessary outcomes in the multifilter settings. There are 9 types of outcomes in total:

Outcome filtering

  1. "1X2": main events by one of the teams winning/not losing or by any team winning (1X/12/2X);
  2. "Handicap": betting on handicaps (H1(0), H2(+0.25), etc.);
  3. "Totals": ​​betting on totals in events (TO/TU);
  4. "Ind. totals": ​​outcomes with individual totals;
  5. "Statistics": betting on penalties in events;
  6. "Additionals": all additional outcomes in events (BTTS, exact score, "even/odd", etc.);
  7. "Game winner": betting on winning the game;
  8. "Corners": outcomes with the number of corners;
  9. "Bookings (Cards)": betting on the number of yellow/red cards.