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Show/Hide selected leagues

Our scanner allows you to specify the list of leagues and championships to use in surebet scanning. To select leagues, go to the filter editor, scroll down the page and enter the necessary data into the "Included Leagues" and/or "Excluded Leagues" fields. The leagues names must be entered in English. If you are having difficulty entering league names correctly, you can copy the names from the Calculator.

"Included Leagues"

IIn the example above, we've chosen 3 leagues, all of them from American football. After saving the filter, the surebets with matches from the 3 leagues specified above will be displayed in the results.

Show Selected Leagues

"Excluded Leagues"

According to the settings shown on the screenshot, 3 football (soccer) leagues were entered into the fields: the Asian Cup, the South Africa Cup, and the Argentina Cup. Now the surebet scanner will not include events from these 3 leagues in the results.

Hide Selected Leagues