In the BetWasp application, you will be able to set up and customize multifilters with settings for wagering surebets / value bets.

For your convenience, we've created the first “default” filter. You can find it in the panel on the left. You can either configure this filter to your strategy by clicking on the "pencil" icon to the right of the filter name, or else you can set up a new filter by clicking on the "CREATE NEW" button below the filter list in the same menu frame.


With the help of a multifilter, you will be able to customize your surebets / value bets in accordance with all parameters necessary for work: by bookmakers and types of sports, by profitability, time period, event start, middles, and many others.

Setting up multifilters

Additionally, you will be able to configure the display of data with two or more multifilters set up at the same time. This will provide you with a better experience since surebets and value bets out of your data selection are not to be displayed now.

To achieve this, set up several filters with the necessary settings (follow the above steps), then activate the filters with the settings you want to use for the desired filter results.