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Work with surebets: how to get started

With the help of the useful tips below, you will be able to start your way as a surebettor and avoid common mistakes made by the newbies.

First steps for your successful start

Firstly, every beginner needs to take a couple of important steps:

  • outline the amount of start-up bankroll.
  • choose the bookies.
  • decide on the type of the surebet mode (prematch or live).
  • customize the surebet scanner to your perfect parameters.
  • choose a strategy for surebetting.
  • schedule the time.

Outline the amount of start-up bankroll

For starters, $300-400 will be quite enough, but you will need to divide the amount between the bookies you've chosen.

Although it is worth noting here that the amount of potential income may directly depend on the amount of invested funds. As for the direct monthly percentage of income, at first it may be 50%, but then it will decrease slightly due to the size of the stake also slightly growing.

Choose the bookmakers

In the beginning, it's not necessary to open accounts in more than 6 bookies, especially if you have a small starting bankroll.

When talking about specific bookmakers, then the Pinnacle Bet365 and Sbobet treat professional bettors the best. But here we have one big BUT - these bookies do not get paired into the surebet easily, so you have to choose a couple of other bookmakers to pair them with.

Our recommendations for choosing the bookies:

For betting in Live mode: BetMGM, Tipico, Foxbet, WilliamHill, Pinnacle, FanDuel, 10bet, Bet365, Bwin.

For betting in Prematch mode: Pinnacle, Bet365, 888Sport, 10bet, WilliamHill, TwinSpires, FanDuel, DraftKings, Betfair, Bwin.

Decide on the type of the surebet mode (prematch or live)

Surebet strategy has been around for a long time already, and now it’s not a secret for anyone that the Prematch surebet mode is the most suitable for beginners for it is easier to work with.

The main advantage of a prematch mode is the slow updating of odds, since all bets are to be wagered before the start of the event. This means that the bettor will always have the opportunity and time to wager the necessary bets.

And since a fast turnover of funds also plays an important role in surebetting, which is not so easy to achieve in a prematch mode, the betting experts advise using the function of sorting surebets by event start time in the scanner results.

When it comes to the live, it is surely more suitable for experienced bettors, and often, over time, the surebettors turn to the live betting. The main reason for this is the higher profitability of live surebets.

Another plus of live surebets is that there are less chances to get "uncovered" by the bookmakers due to the events taking place in real time and being much more difficult for the bookies to track you in order to "cut" the maximum bet limits.

Customize the surebet scanner to your perfect parameters

In our surebet scanner, you are unlikely to have any problems with setting up the scanning results thanks to the convenient mulfilter with a huge selection of customizable parameters.

Customization of filters

For successful betting at your beginning of the journey as an arber, you need to specify the required income range, the number of results for the surebet (2 or 3) and the list of the bookies you have chosen earlier.

As we have already said, setting up the surebet scanning filter in our scanner is quite simple, but if you still need any help in the matter or have some questions about the general operation of scanners, you can always contact our support team.

Choose a surebetting strategy

An important factor for a successful start is the correct choice of betting strategy.

Without it, you will surely get some profit, but it will be much less than it could be. This fact has been empirically tested by thousands of bettors from all over the world.

As for specific strategies, we can describe one popular surebet strategy as an example: the essence of the strategy is to bet half of the amount of game bankroll (50%) every day by betting on the surebets with an average percentage of profit of 3-4% (10% of the stake for each surebet).

Let's pretend that our bankroll is $900. In this case, we need to wager $450 daily ($90 for each surebet event). Let's look at the application of this game strategy in the context of a specific example:

Surebet in calculator

What we see here is a surebet event in a basketball match between the NLEX Road Warriors and the Rain or Shine Elasto Painters. We are to divide our $90 betting stake into two smaller parts: $44.10 + $45.90 (you will be able to choose the most profitable stakes using the surebet calculator built into our scanner).

Then we just need to wait until the end of the event and, regardless of its result, we will get either $3.05 or $3.18 of net income. And considering the fact that we are to wager five approximately the same surebets per day, accordingly, we will get $15-16 daily.

It will be at least $450 per month, which is exactly 50% of our starting bankroll. 

Schedule the time for betting

Our advice is to allocate at least 15 hours to work with surebets daily. This time is to cover the whole process of betting, including the search for surebets, the calculation of betting stakes and the betting process itself.

Yes, you can surely work less, but it is important to understand that then the size of your potential profit will also decrease. So it's up to you to choose.

Let's do a quick recap

In our today's article, we have offered you some useful tips based on the experience of lots of bettors, and these tips will help you to successfully start working with surebets.

In conclusion, we would like to remind you that using the surebet scanner will allow you to save a significant part of your time (in the period from search to calculation and betting). And, accordingly, you will be able to wager even more surebets and get more tangible income.