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Useful tips for live surebetting (arbing)

To successfully make money while working with live surebets, you need to know how to use them. In this article, we intend to discuss the intricacies of betting on arbitrage situations in live mode. So let's start the discussion with the "pros" and "cons" of this surebet’s type..

"Pros" of live surebets

  1. Lots of new surebets. One of the advantages of live is the quick updating of quotes resulting in the new surebets constantly appearing. Due to such fluctuations of odds, the number of surebets in live mode differs significantly from the number in prematch mode, while new arbitrage situations appear almost every minute.
  2. Lots of highly profitable surebets. It may be difficult to find a prematch surebet with a profitability of over 4-5% (unless it is a BO bait), but in live such surebets come across all the time. When betting on live surebets, you can easily catch a situation with a profitability of even 10-15%, which is what BetWasp users do.
  3. Risk minimization. The bookies do not always have time to follow the odds during the matches due to having limited time to analyze the real-time situation. So it will also be harder for them to track and identify you as a surebet bettor, which means that you can avoid the bookmakers sanctions. It is the minimization of risks in betting live that attracts lots of surebettors.
  4. Fast cashback. In live mode, you need to wager your bets on events that have already begun, so you won’t have to wait so long for a repay (merely till the end of the match). In the prematch mode, the calculation of bets sometimes makes you wait for several days. An accelerated cashback will allow you to increase the number of bets wagered in one day, respectively, you will be able to get more income from the surebets.

"Cons" of live surebets

  1. Short life span of surebets. The odds for live events change almost every second, so live surebets don't last long. When betting live, you are to constantly monitor for new arbitrage situations and instantly take action.
  2. Great chance to late with a bet on the second arm of the surebet. Due to the short lifetime of live surebets, there are often situations when the bettor simply does not have enough time to bet on the second arm. Everything here depends not only on the speed of wagering bets on the part of the bettor, but also on situational changes in the match itself.
  3. Differences in rules of different bookies. Each bookies works according to its own rules, and two separate bookmakers can interpret the same situation in a live match in different ways. Before wagering your bet, study the rules of each bookmaker carefully for a variety of nuances and differences in the interpretation of situations.

At first glance, it seems that the "cons" of live surebets look harsh, but they can be easily bypassed. To do this, you must follow a number of instructions from experienced bettors. We have collected the most effective recommendations in a list below, and by adhering to them, you will be able to minimize the potential risk of betting the surebet bets. Be sure to read them before betting on live surebets.

Setting up filters for getting surebets in live mode

For a successful live betting, first of all, you must correctly configure the filters to search for arbitrage situations in the BetWasp scanner app. We recommend the following settings:

1. Select and mark for yourself from 3 to 6 bookies. You can select the necessary bookies on the "Surebets Live" tab in the "Filters" section. To edit the list of bookmakers, click on the pencil icon in the "Edit" menu.

Live filters list

After clicking on the pencil icon, a window with settings will pop up. The "BOs" section will offer you a list of all available BOs. Tick off the bookmakers you plan to search for surebets at.

Live bookmakers list

2. Choose proper sports. Next, you must choose several sports categories you plan to search for surebets at. You must mark all suitable sports in the same window, in the "Sports" section.

Live sports list

We recommend choosing no more than 2-4 sports at the same time. If you are a beginner, then it is better to choose soccer and hockey. These sports have much fewer changes in the course of a match than basketball / volleyball / tennis ones, so you will have more chances to wager both bets.

3. Check off the 2-outcomes surebet option. In the filter settings, you can select the type of a surebet - with two or three outcomes. Just tick the "2" option in the "Outcomes" section. For the newbies, we recommend choosing the two-way surebets only for not even experienced bettors manage to wager the three-way surebets when betting live.

Live otcome settings

Useful tips for carrying on live surebets

  1. First, try your hand at small bets to learn and understand the principle of betting the live surebets.
  2. Read and analyze the rules of your bookies regarding the acceptance and calculation of bets attentively, so as not to get surprised after wagering your bet.
  3. Try not to bet in the last minutes of the match/half/period/set. Most bookies stop accepting bets 2-7 minutes before the end, so you may not have time to wager both arms of the surebet (for example: you wager the first arm with one bookie, and find out that the second arm is already "blocked" with the second one).
  4. When betting the TO/TU bets at the end of the first half, bet on the "Total Under" first, and only then bet on the "Total Over" in another BO. More so, it is important to wager both arms as quickly as possible, since there is a risk of losing the entire stake.
  5. There are times when a bettor does not have time to wager a bet on one of the surebet arms at the needed odds. For such cases, the BetWasp service provides the "closest odds" option to help you find the quotes close to the necessary ones in some other BOs. This feature will allow you to wager the entire surebet painlessly or with minimal losses (it's better than being left without your stake at all).


With the help of our recommendations and by using the properly configured filters for arbitrage situation search results, you will be able to find the live mode surebets you need easily.

However, you must not take all our advice as the ultimate truth, we are just trying to make it easier for you to bet on the live surebets. Try to always analyze the situation before wagering the bet, after all, the filter settings are always built on your preferences and skills. Good luck with your bets, may you get the good profits!