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Useful tips for prematch surebetting (arbing)

Lots of beginners in surebetting make banal mistakes when working in prematch mode. For this reason, we have written this article containing useful tips and recommendations for successful work with prematch surebets. For starters, let's take a look at the available "pros'' and "cons" of them.

"Pros" of prematch surebets

  1. Variety of events. Prematch mode allows you to scan for the surebets among the abundance of tournaments and championships that have not started yet. Before the start of the match, the arber can look for a specific arbitrage situation with unique outcomes to better suit the bettor's taste/needs.
  2. Lots of surebets. A large number of upcoming competitions allows you to get a lot of good surebets, and at the same time, no less profitable.
  3. Slow odds update. The odds in prematch events rarely drop sharply, usually they change slowly in accordance with the stakes wagered (if at all). So in prematch mode, the surebettor will be able to easily cover both arms of the surebet without fear of running out of time.
  4. The surebets are easy to work with. In the prematch mode, you can find an abundance of events, any bettor will be able to find a surebet to suit his needs. And the slowness of the update in quotes will allow you to correctly calculate and wager all your bets.

"Cons" of prematch surebets

  1. A large number of arbers aiming for the same event. Prematch surebetting attracts lots of punters, especially in cases of highly profitable surebets. A huge stakes are being wagered on such outcomes causing not only a drop in the odds, but also attracting attention of the bookies. All this can lead to sanctions from the bookmakers in the form of limiting the maximum, cutting quotes or even blocking the account.
  2. A small number of highly profitable surebets. The bookies have more time to check their odds before the start of the match, so it is almost impossible to find an arbitrage situation with a 10% yield, by contrast with the live mode.
  3. Delays in the repays of wagered stakes. Having wagered a bet on a prematch surebet, the bettor will have to wait for the end of the selected match. Often, the waiting time is more than a day (2 days on average), since good surebets disappear long before the event starts.

A lot of arbers choose the prematch mode due to slow updating of odds and a large selection of arbitrage situations. However, you cannot choose all prematch surebets in a row, because by doing so you expose yourself to blocking your account. In the prematch mode, you must choose unique surebets, which you will be able to find thanks to our tips below.

Setting up filters for getting surebets in a prematch mode

Successful work with prematch surebets is based on properly configured search results in the BetWasp scanner. It is very important to set up search filters correctly, we recommend the following settings:

Start settings of filters

1. Select 3-5 bookies for the search. The list of available BOs can be found in the "Filters" section of your personal account. To edit it, click on the pencil icon in the Edit menu.

After clicking on the pencil icon, a window with settings will pop up. You can find the list of the bookies located in the "Bookmakers" section. Tick off those BOs you plan to work with. We advise you to choose the BOs that are recommended for the surebet beginners.

Bookmaker settings

2. Choose proper sports. The next point is to decide on the sports categories with their lines containing the needed arbitrage situations. You can find the list of sports in the same editing window, but only in the "Sports" section.

Sports settings

3. Select the time interval before the start of the match. In the BetWasp scanner, you can search for surebets depending on the start time of the event. You can change the setting in the same filter editing window by specifying the desired value in the "Game no later than" field.

Beginning time settings

We recommend setting the value to 2 days, i.e. all surebets found will start no later than 48 hours from the current moment.

Useful tips for carrying on prematch surebets

  1. Always keep an eye on your stake. Too big or maximum bets for an event can appear suspicious for the bookies, especially if the action is being repeated on an ongoing basis. It is better to wager average amounts for each arm of the surebet, this will help your account to avoid limiting the maximums.
  2. Try to round the stakes to whole numbers. If the surebet calculator suggests that you need to bet $78.93 on the surebet arm, round it up and bet $79. Yes, with this approach you will get a little less profit, but you will also avoid unnecessary attention from the BOs.
  3. Don't re-bet. The ordinary bettors almost never re-bet, so the BOs carefully monitor the bettors who re-submit a request for the same event.
  4. Try to choose unique surebets with "average" yield (3-5%). Many surebet bettors fall into the "fat" surebets, but suchlike actions increase the chances of account blocking. The more people are betting on the same events, the more reasons for inspection the BOs will have.
  5. Avoid surebets with a yield of 10% or more. Such high-yielding surebets are rare in prematch mode and are well tracked by the BOs. Most likely, the BO will perform a "draw no bet '' repay on the winning bet, referring to its own rules. In addition, such surebets can serve as a banal bait on the part of the BO to identify the surebet bettors.
  6. Try to withdraw funds less. Each withdrawal request is a chance to inspect your stakes and your account as a whole. The more often a bettor submits a request for withdrawal of funds, the greater the likelihood of a thorough check from the bookies specialists. The bookmakers may cancel withdrawals even due to minor violations, so try to draw less attention to yourself.
  7. Do not bet on exotic tournaments and unrecognized events. The more specific the championship or outcome, the fewer bettors bet on it. And identifying a surebet bettor in such tournaments is a piece of cake.


Prematch surebets are the best choice for the surebet beginners. In the prematch mode, there are a lot of arbitrage situations with good profitability, but you need to carefully consider your filter settings. With the help of our recommendations and correctly configured filters, you will be able to make easy money on prematch surebets, Godspeed!