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Surebet Calculator: structure and description

Our surebet calculator is a unique software designed for more than just calculation of betting stakes and possible income. You will also be able to track odds for the selected outcomes at other bookmakers. When you change the bookmaker in the calculator, the surebet percentage is being recalculated automatically, and the link will be re-generated in accordance with the selected bookmaker.

surebet calculator

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Surebets calculator has some undeniable advantages:

- ease of searching for the event to be wagered first;

- option of quick switching to another bookmaker when changing odds at the original one;

- the odds "dips" of the bookmaker are clearly visible, an important perk for the valuebettors.

The calculator also has additional data on each surebet lever – the number of 2-outcome "positive" surebets for the selected event. Such data is indicated in brackets next to each odd. With said information, it is much easier to determine your betting sequence, since it is always better to choose an outcome with a greater probability of "matching a pair", even if the main surebet "fails". And a larger number of bookmakers also may be considered a marker of increased chances in surebetting.