After you selected a fitting surebet from the filter results, click on it, opening a calculator to carry out all necessary calculations:

See the main features of the surebet calculator below:


The “Odds” field displays the most recent odds found at the bookmakers for this particular filter result. This parameter is changeable at any time.

If during wagering the bet our odds do not match that of the bookmaker, then the bet will not be considered valid. In this case, the odds will be updated to the current one and you will be asked to re-wager a bet.

To minimize such situations, we've set the "UPDATE" button below the list of odds for you to update them yourself before wagering your bets.

The odds are also to be updated automatically. You will be able to set the update interval in the app's settings. The default update interval is 60 seconds.

Bet amount and currency

By default, you will be offered the maximum possible bet amount calculated by several parameters:

1) Maximum bet limit for your profile on the bookmaker's website.

2) Balance of your account with the bookmaker.

3) Formula for calculating the profitability of a surebet depending on the current odds at given bookmakers.

4) Settings of both your multi-filters and bookmaker profiles in the application settings.

To the left of the “Amount” field, you will see a lock icon, when you click on it, you will be able to edit the “Amount” field and set your own bet amount.

You will also be able to make one lock inactive, and then when you manually enter the amount of the bet in one field, the size of the bet in the second field will be automatically recalculated to have matching gains for any outcome.

You will also be able to manually set the amounts of both bets, but in this case, the amount of gain for each outcome may be different, not the highest, and even get negative. Additionally, you will not always be able to set any amount for your bet: for example, if the desired amount is higher than the limits at your profile or is higher than the bookmaker's balance, and also if it exceeds or falls below your own settings. In this case, the bet field will be highlighted in red and you will not be able to wager it.

The bet amount is always being set in the currency of the user profile settings for a particular outcome. The currency is not editable, as it is taken from your profile on the bookmaker's website.

You may have noticed that the “Amount” column has a third field at the bottom - it displays the total amount of your bets. We use the current exchange rate to calculate the total amount since the bookmaker currencies in the surebet may differ. You will be able to choose the currency of the total amount.

Income and income distribution

 The “Income” field displays the amount of your gains for each outcome, depending on the set amount of the bet.

The income depends both on the amount of the bet and on the odds. Generally, the surebet bettors set the amounts of the bets to get approximately the same amount of income for any outcome. However, if in the automatic calculation you want to give preference to one of the two outcomes, as you think it is more likely, then you may use the distribution column.

If you untick the “check mark” opposite one outcome, the calculator is then to calculate the amounts of the bets to get the lowest possible income for the said outcome, and at the same time it will calculate the amount of the bet for the second outcome so that the income is the highest.

Buttons for wagering bets

You will be able to wager a bet either on each separate outcome or on both of them at the same time using the respective calculator buttons. After successfully wagering a bet, the "Bet" button becomes inactive.

If the bet on one of the outcomes was not wagered, the “Bet” button will become active again for you to re-try the operation.

Note that it is not always possible to re-wager a bet on a certain outcome, nor such a bet always continues to be profitable. There may be several reasons for this:

1) The bookmaker's odds have changed.

2) The market got closed.

3) The maximum amount of the bet at the bookmakers' has changed.

4) No connection with the bookmaker.

The actions to be taken in most of the above cases:

1) If the odds have changed, but they still remain profitable - click on the "Bet" button again.

2) If the market got closed - try to find a bookmaker still having this market available and place a bet on this outcome.

3) If the maximum amount of the bet has changed - use a second account with the same bookmaker, or wager a bet on the same outcome but with another bookmaker.

4) No connection with the bookmaker - check whether your bookmaker account is blocked. If not, contact our support team for help.


Logs are an important tool when using a calculator. All your problems with wagering bets described above, as well as all intermediate and successfully completed operations are saved in the logs.

The quickest way to figure out what went wrong is to browse the logs under the calculator.

If the logs did not help you find the way to solve the problem,contact our support team for help.

Also, the calculator has a built-in functionality "Saved calculator" and "Hide menu" - you can read more about it in another article.