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Value bets: tool description

Value bets are the bets wagered on undervalued outcomes, allowing for a long-time profit. The essence of value bets is increased odds exceeding the "global betting line".

Operating principle

You can find all currently valid value bets in the "Valuebets" section. Values are getting selected after comparing them with odds of TOP bookmakers, however, the user will be able to customize the list of bookies.

For a better understanding of the concept of value bets, we recommend you to read about the formula and see a visual example of calculation of the value bets in this article.

Defaults settings of the scanner

You can on your own select the BOs to be scanned for value bets by ticking the bookmakers’ name. The percentage profitability of the selected event can also be customized at the top of the settings window.

Value bet checker

As a result, the customer gets the values bets matching the specific parameters. The bet is automatically redirects you to the value bet calculator after clicking on it (1). The drop-down list (2) is designed to quickly view the odds set by other bookmakers.

The value bet calculator is useful in calculation of expected profits, and respective stakes. In the "Bet" field (4), you will be able to enter the amount of the stake, and it will automatically calculate the related profit in the "Win" field (3), and vice versa. Here, you can also choose the currency of the stake (5), and the income received (6). Dollars (USD) are set as the default currency, whereas the potential winning amount is set as 100, but this value can be changed in the "Bookmakers" section of your Personal Account.

Value bet checker

 You can wager your bet using the outcome frame (7) - by clicking on it, you will be redirected to the selected event by the specific bookmaker. You only have to specify the amount of the stake and wager it with the bookie.

After making a bet, the customer can save it to the Accounting using the "toolkit" icon (8). If the selected bet turned out to be useless or already wagered, you can hide it using the "recycle bin" icon (9).

Additional filters

Value bets have lots of additional settings available at the Personal Account. To activate them, go to "Multifilters" –> "Valuebet" tab. The following settings are available there for prematch and live modes:

1. "Bets": to mod the amount of odds results by events.

2. "Sports": to filter by sports with value bets to be displayed in the search results.

3. "Country": for setting the countries to be included in the search results.

4. "Show/filter out selected leagues": for setting the championships for bet selection.

5. "Hide wholes/quarters": to select the outcomes to not be displayed in the search results (H1 (0), TO (1.25), etc).

6. "Periods": is designed for displaying events by periods. More details can be found in our blog

7. "Halftimes/breaks/timeouts": for setting the display options for live events during breaks / halftimes.

8. "Time played, min": to set the time range for football (soccer) events.

9. "Starting not earlier/not later than": for filtering upcoming events by the staring time (only relevant for bets being wagered before the start of the event).

10. "Age": setting to display the "lifetime" of value bets (in minutes for prematch mode, in seconds - for the live one).

11. "Type": for setting up groups of events to be included in the search results.

The above are the standard settings for value betting, but the Multifilter section also has a number of unique filters:

  • "Value bet percentage": to set the profitability percentage.
  • "Bookmakers for arbs counting": this setting is to select the BOs, whose surebets will be taken into account to determine the ValueBet.
  • "Bookmakers for ValueBets display": the Valuebets search result will be displayed only for the BOs selected in this option.

Valuebet tool: demonstrative example

Let's look at how our Valuebet tool works on a demonstrative example. Imagine we’d like to find value bets with FanDuel. At first, we need to select all the bookies in "Bookmakers for arbs counting".

Value bet checker

Then we select FanDuel in "Bookmakers for ValueBets display" list.

Value bet checker

As a result, we will get a selection of outcomes from the FanDuel bookmaker, based on the previously set parameters. The list of results with auto-updating: valuebets can be sorted, grouped, and the alerts also can be set.

Value bet checker