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Live-mode filtering by period

The "Multifilter" section has lots of useful settings, including filtering live events by period. This feature y is called "Periods", and has 5 options:

Live period filtering

"All": when you select this option, all existing surebets will be included in the results.

"Current": this option will only provide results for live events that occur during the current period of the match.

For example: let's analyze a tennis match, where the 3rd game of the 1st set is currently being played. If you select "Current" option in the settings, then only surebets with events occurring in the 3rd game or in the 1st set as a whole will be displayed in the results. Surebets for the 2nd set will not be included in the results.

"Next": the user will be provided with all surebets related to the events taking place in the next period of the match.

For example: let's take a basketball game, it's 2nd quarter being played right now. If you select the "Next" setting, the surebets for the 2nd quarter, 1st half and the entire match as a whole will not be included in the results. All other events will be displayed without restrictions.

"Without current'': if this option is enabled, the live surebets for the entire match will be displayed in the results, except for the events from the current period.

For example: now, let's say, it is the 5th game of the 1st set in the tennis event. By selecting "Without current '' mode, you will filter out the surebets for the current game and set, but all other events will be available.

Important note: the results will still display the surebets from the events of the current half for football (soccer) and hockey events, since these sports are not very dynamic.

"Quarters only": this option is for displaying the search results for the events by quarters only. Generally, it is used for betting on basketball surebets.

To customize the display of live surebets, you can also use the "Matches on break" option by enabling it in the "Filters'' section of your Account. With this setting, you will get the search results only for the surebets occurring in the events that are currently "put on pause" (either on break or in timeout). However, the "Matches on break" option does not apply to football and hockey events. The breaks in said sports have a standard surebet designation with a blue background:

It enables you to sort out arbs for events, which are now on break (break between sets, timeout etc).